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News in brief, November 23, 2007

  Friday, 23 November 2007 4:51pm

Magistrate orders waste company and director to pay $97,500 * SA Legislative Council stands firm on changes to solar tariff law * Environment group calls for NOx trading * SA marine parks bill through * Green Building Council seeks more business partners *. Read more...

NSW air update: 25% NOx and VOCs cuts needed; tougher VOCs limit for oil industry; carbon offset bus passes

  Friday, 23 November 2007 2:51pm

Acting NSW Premier John Watkins says companies will be able to bulk-buy bus passes for employees that will include a levy to offset carbon emissions. And, on the day a government report reveals 25% cuts in VOCs and NOx might be needed to 'to consistently meet' national air quality goals, NSW Assistant Environment Minister Verity Firth says the government will 'be tough' in negotiations on tighter VOC limits for Sydney's summer-blend petrol, in an effort to prevent high-smog days.(plus audio). Read more...

News in brief, November 22, 2007

  Thursday, 22 November 2007 3:09pm

Goward: it's very easy to fix climate change * Deadline looms for EEO filings by large energy users * Climate change to push up food prices, says ACF study * SA EPA launches video info clips * Chemical agencies investigate multiple chemical sensitivity * 'BadBuster' pop-up rates companies as you click to their site. Read more...

News in brief, November 21, 2007

  Wednesday, 21 November 2007 3:49pm

UNFCCC chief: we're more than on target but there are worrying trends * NSW releases biobanking RIS * Businesses, NGOs, union and farmers jointly urge climate action * Global voluntary carbon standard launched * EPA Victoria and sustainability index provider sign covenant * Australian Paper gets 'carbon neutral' accreditation for paper range * Video warns of 'the elephant in the room' * Climate Institute and WWF assess political parties. Read more...

Coalition climate policy goes underground, Labor flags industrial water use scheme

  Wednesday, 21 November 2007 10:12am

The Coalition's climate policy includes $125 million for hot dry rocks and sequestration projects and research, while its urban water policy promises to draw 'to the extent possible' on permit auction revenue to fund innovative urban water infrastructure. Meanwhile, Labor says it will target large, industrial water users. Read more...

Californian regulator briefs Australia on 'zero net energy buildings' plan as expert slams 15 years of inaction

  Tuesday, 20 November 2007 2:33pm

In a speech making Australia's 'stage 2' energy efficiency plan look faint-hearted, a senior executive of California's utilities regulator today outlined to a spellbound Melbourne conference the U.S. state's new 'big, bold energy efficiency strategies' - including making all commercial and residential buildings 'zero net energy' users. Read more...

Paul Gilding: companies must choose to be a BP or an Exxon

  Monday, 19 November 2007 4:06pm

The fact that mining companies have not matched their swelling profits with increased expenditure on the environment shows that governments need to put in place the right regulatory and market measures to spur business to act on climate change, Ecos Corporation founder Paul Gilding said today. Read more...

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